Be A Wise And Smart Hiker 101

Be A Wise And Smart Hiker 101

be-a-wise-hikerBe A Wise Hiker

  • Wear good hiking shoes
  • Bring water & high protein snacks
  • Do not wander off trails
  • Hike with someone
  • Be sure someone knows your hiking itinerary
  • Don’t leave your pack unattended
  • Don’t hike with firearms
  • Report anything suspicious to the proper officials
  • Read all signs along the trail, if posted
  • Take litter with you
  • Do not feed wild animals

Crag Way Trail Loop-Grandfather Mountain-Blue Ridge Parkway Milepost 299.9

Trail Head: Boone Fork Parking Area, Blue Ridge Parkway Milepost 299.5
36.1199, -81.7815
Distance: 3.68  miles
Duration: 3 hrs 20 minutes
Elevation: 1,056 feet
Skill Level: Strenuous Hiking Trails

Overview: This is a very family walking trail in Blowing Rock North Carolina. It is part of the Moses Cone Memorial Park Trail system. The hike is about one mile in length but is a beautiful walk around the lake during any season. This hiking trail is a great stretch your legs type of hike after you have been driving in the car all day. Pets are welcomed on this trail but must be on a leash. I would definitely recommend this hike during the fall season for a brisk walk and great picture taking.


  • Make sure you have comfortable hiking shoes
  • You must sign your name to the Grandfather Mountain List for the Ranger
  • Bring plenty of water at least 2 bottles and a back pack

Bass Lake Loop Trail Map

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Video View From Flat Rock View on Grandfather Mountain

Wisemans View-Linville Gorge Wilderness-Pisgah National Forest

Wisemans View-Linville Gorge Wilderness-Pisgah National Forest

Wisemans View Linville Gorge

Video Taken from the Overlook at Wisemans View


Mountain Waterfalls Hiking Tips

Mountain Waterfalls Hiking Tips

Waterfall safety tips

The thrill of a waterfall can tempt even the most watchful of children, but it’s important to exercise care and restraint when approaching a waterfall. Hidden dangers can lurk in even the shallowest of pools and minor cascades. Always practice caution and keep in mind these tips when visiting a waterfall:

  • Keep a safe distance from cascading falls; the water is more powerful than it appears.
  • Stay clear from the edge of a waterfall, and avoid slippery rocks.
  • Wear stable footwear and take careful steps when approaching the pools and falls.
  • Always know the depth of the cascade pool, and test the waters before sending little ones in for a closer look.
  • Do not allow children in the water alone, and never allow diving from rocks into the shallow pools.
  • Avoid waterfall pools and cascades after a heavy rainfall, when the water is deepest and the current at it’s strongest.
  • Keep a safe distance from large and powerful falls. Observation platforms, fencing and restricted areas exist for a reason.