Waterfall safety tips

The thrill of a waterfall can tempt even the most watchful of children, but it’s important to exercise care and restraint when approaching a waterfall. Hidden dangers can lurk in even the shallowest of pools and minor cascades. Always practice caution and keep in mind these tips when visiting a waterfall:

  • Keep a safe distance from cascading falls; the water is more powerful than it appears.
  • Stay clear from the edge of a waterfall, and avoid slippery rocks.
  • Wear stable footwear and take careful steps when approaching the pools and falls.
  • Always know the depth of the cascade pool, and test the waters before sending little ones in for a closer look.
  • Do not allow children in the water alone, and never allow diving from rocks into the shallow pools.
  • Avoid waterfall pools and cascades after a heavy rainfall, when the water is deepest and the current at it’s strongest.
  • Keep a safe distance from large and powerful falls. Observation platforms, fencing and restricted areas exist for a reason.