linn cove viaduct

Trail head: Milepost 304 Blue Ridge Parkway
.08 mile
Duration: 1 hr
Skill Level: Moderate/ Strenuous Hiking Trails

Probably one of the most interesting hikes I have been on yet. Starting from the Linn Cove Viaduct Visitor Center milepost 304.6 off the Blue Ridge Parkway. As you travel through the parking lot to the trail head which takes you on a nice pleasant walk under the viaduct where you can gaze at the amazing modern marvel of construction and hear the many cars traveling overhead. This very short hike is about 900 feet.

This small section is part of the Tanawha Trail which is 13.5 miles long in total distance winding along the Blue Ridge Parkway mountains. For the more adventurous looking for an amazing picture opportunity and seeing the whole viaduct…this is the trail for you. Continue up the wooden stairs as the trail winds up and down through a maze of rocks, boulders, and rock staircases. This is one of the most different types of trails I have been on. I would recommend if kids are going they are at least ages 5 and up and accompanied by an adult on either side. There are some slight drop offs along the trail. There is even one part that you are traveling through the rocks almost like a tunnel. Along the trail there is a bridge where Wilson’s Creek runs under and a pretty coll waterfall to see.  As you near the end of the viaduct about an hour later there is a fork in the road; take the fork with the red ribbon to the right. The trail going straight continues as part of the Tanawha Trail.  The red ribbon indicates you have made it to one of the most distinctive picture taking points of the Blue Ridge Parkway. You have seen this vantage point in many pictures and magazines about the Blue Ridge Parkway Not only will you be elevated above the parkway but above the viaduct watching cars come around the bend as they travel over the viaduct.


  • Hiking Shoes
  • Water Bottle
  • Camera and Video Recorder
  • Not For Kids under 5 years old
  • Very Rocky up and down elevations

Linn Cove Viaduct Visitor Center Trail Map
linn cove viaduct

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