Lovers Leap Trail

Lover’s Leap Trail Hike located in Hot Springs, NC is part of the Appalachian Trail and a 1.6 mile loop. From the Silvermine Trailhead walk down the road and get on the Appalachian Trail (white blazes) along the French Broad River. After about 0.5 mile the trail climbs steeply to Lover’s Leap ridge. When this trail reaches the ridge, there are rock outcrops with numerous overlooks.Panoramic views of the French Broad River and town of Hot Springs make this trail one of the best in Madison County. Return on the Lover’s Leap Trail (blue blazes) and descend to the trailhead.

The old legend says a beautiful Cherokee maid was deeply in love when another Indian brave challenged her lover for her hand. They fought and her lover died in the fight. In total heartbreak (and rather than marry the victor) she climbed to the rocky ledge that overhangs the French Broad River and jumped to her death; thus the name “Lover’s Leap.”


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