Trail head: West Jefferson, North Carolina
Distance: 1.7 miles
Duration: 1 hour
Skill Level: Easy/Moderate Hiking Trails

Mount Jefferson State Park Hiking Trails is located in West Jefferson North Carolina. The trail takes you from the parking lot where you can have a picnic up to the top of the ridge where the cell tower is and along certain outcroppings of rock where the views are picture perfect and worth a snapshot with the iPhone or camera. The the trail starts to follow its way back down the back side of the ridge and turning around headed back to the parking lot but at a lower elevation. It finally meets up with the main trail you started on going up tot the top of the ridge. This is definitely a great hike during a clear summer day or to see vast fall colors from the surrounding mountains.

Make sure when you start up the hill you stop by the bathrooms before the hike.
If you decide to do all three hikes it takes a about an hour.

Mount Jefferson State Park trail Map
mount jefferson state park map

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