Blue Ridge Hiking Trails is a collection of hiking trails displayed with photos, videos and information throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Blue Ridge Mountains have a beauty that is everlasting and awe inspiring. I realized I had to share my journeys with others and show them the beauty of the Blue Ridge. So I started going on hikes with my daughter to bond, have fun and enjoy nature. We decided to start on the Blue Ridge Parkway which is 10 minutes from our house in Banner Elk, North Carolina.

You can tell people about a hike, but it’s easier to show them a photo of a view, or a waterfall, or vista. When seeing the end result of what they might earn as a reward at the end of the hike, more people tend to go on that hike. I take pictures and videos along the way with my Iphone and write an article summary about each hike. Each hike is detailed with a level of difficulty, mileage, an photos.


Graveyard Fields Waterfalls – Blue Ridge Parkway